Friday, March 01, 2013

They're Here, I've Found Them!!

... and they're all mine!!!! muhahaha :))

Pardon for the silly entrance but if you knew how much I've been longing for texturized polishes to softly land on my hungry digits, you'd understand 
*jumping up and down*

I've been seeing Barry M's texturized polishes, Nail Inc leather effects, Milani's, you name it! All brands I can't get unless I shop online. 

And, I'm so sorry to say, yours truly has never shopped online. Heck!, I don't even own a card that allows me online shopping haha

But sticking to the matter at hand, I kept dreaming endless love dreams, sighing every three seconds or so, yearning for such wonderful masterful delights when... I found out all about KIKO's Sugar Mat collection.

SAY WHA'????
I went crazy, my lovely butterflies! C-r-a-z-y, I tell you :))

So I had to go there and buy at least one, right? Right!
So... let's forget the fact that I bought five instead ;) shhhhhh :))

This is Kiko No.637, a nice summery shade of blue, what's not to love?
I applied two coats on all of them, but one coat would have been enough, trust me! ;)

lavender AND texture? Oh yes, Kiko No.634 gives you all that and oh so much more! 

And, of course, they had to have a minty one too ;)
Kiko No.636 
*happy face*

They dry matte and you're not meant to top coat them.
Beware they do take their time drying completely, so make sure you choose them for a mani, when you know you'll have the time to wait  ;)
Like I said, one coat is enough but you know two coats is my m.o. ;)

I couldn't just wear one shade, I had to try them all!! :))
So, I wore the three matte pastel shades  on my left hand and decided to have my right hand done with the two shimmery ones:

Kiko No.641 
I'm sorry, I humbly apologize, but how (HOW) can you control yourself around such beauties!?
These are the more twinkly, shimmery polishes of the collection - they have I don't know what amazing hints of a glittery matte effect! How awesome is that!?
Look at that bottle! Look at the nails! 

Kiko No.643
I've run out of words. Even now, as I type this (which is taking me triple the time as it normally would) I can't help but stopping midway a sentence and staring at my nails!

Yes, it is official! I have fallen in love! :D
And I wish the photos would be faithful to how these look IRL, but alas, this is too much for a mere lense - these are the master of polish awesomeness!! 

Ok, alright, enough ;) Stop drooling, stop drooling!
I hope you've enjoyed them as much as I have, so tell me in the comments which ones you're itching to buy!
I know I'll go there a second time and am trying to control the urge! hahaha

Thank you for putting up with my obssessive reaction and hope you'll come back tomorrow ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wow, the colors are just perfect for spring!
    I don't think I could deal with texture though, I hate it even when I feel the glitter in a polish. But they look very cool!

    1. haha - glitter also does my head in but these I had been craving since I saw them! ;)
      I suppose you're not in with the oh-my-god-new-trend of texturized then :)
      But... there are such lovely 'normal' shades for Spring anyway, I don't think you'll miss out much :D

  2. Wow! These nail polishes are seriously beautiful <3

    1. Hi Paulina! I am totally in love with them!! :))


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