Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Baby, You Can Use My Brush

... yes, you're gonna be a star!

So, before you get your minds working the wrong way *wink wink*, let me tell you what today's manicure is all about ;)

As you know, once upon a time, I had a lovely nail art brush, all mine and we had dreams and plans of our own for our future together.

And then enter my mighty three little devil cats, who having snatched it from its safe haven up on the table, toyed with its little bristles and destroyed them forever.

haha - long story short, I am waiting for my new brushes (see what I did this time? brushes, plural! They shall not catch me off my guard ever again! muhahaha ;)) so I keep thinking of ways to improve my manis without them.

Now, this idea was not mine and I'm sorry I can't give credit where it's due, but I saw this a long time ago, before I even started following blogs on a daily basis.
So if you know who thought of this or have seen it posted somewhere, leave me a comment, please! :))

Without further ado, 'cause here I am going super talkative again, have a look into today's manicure:

You can do this using only two polishes, but because I went for an accent nail look , I used three instead, and here they are:
Purple Professional No.18
Actuelle No.469
 Purple Professional No.32

All to achieve a feathered slash brushed mani :)
And this is sooooo easy and fast to do!

Start with two coats of the polish you intend to use and let it dry.
If you're on a schedule, you can use a fast drying top coat to speed things up - that's what I did :)
You can choose to do an accent nail like I did, or skip it and have all your nails match - it's up to you! ;)

Then I picked my contrasting polish, in this case, the white one and using its own brush, what I did was scrape as much polish from it as possible, and then I feathered my nails with it, in gentle uncoordinated strokes, to give it an artistic feel - haha - just kidding :)

You get a different and kind of unique look in quite a simple manner!
What do you think? Does it look good to you or just bad art?
You know what you have to do: write me your thoughts and opinions below! ;)

Hope you had a great day and I'll see you all lovelies tomorrow :)
Have a fantastic evening.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Replies
    1. E o melhor é ser tão simples :))

  2. Replies
    1. hehehe :)
      obrigada e beijinhoooo *

  3. Awesome! Interesting idea :)

    1. Thank you!! **
      I remember thinking the same when I saw it - too bad i can't remember where I saw it and who is the author, 'cause the effect sure is cool! :)


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