Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Swatch Challenge!

... was my own personal invention for today's post! :)

I wanted to show you the three polishes I got at Verniz de Luxo from Actuelle's Spring collection but because yesterday's post felt somewhat like a fake, I wanted to compensate you lovelies ;)

Hence this swatch challenge, which basically was a target I set in my head of doing a manicure of each swatch I'd show.

Now, I work 9 to 6 and I've decided a while now that I'd only post photos taken outside with daylight - pictures turn out so much better that way, I just can't go back to photographing odd hours in the evening.

So, I had to be smart about it and use stickers to improve the swatches and turn them into easy manicures but still nice looking :)

Let's see what you think about them:

First one up is No.472, a lime almost neon like shimmery green, that took three coats, despite the nail line you see there.
I loved the colour though ;)

Nice and joyful, I thought this one shouted Spring like crazy and I really liked it, once I ignored the stubborn nail line that is ;)

And what goes well with Spring green? Flowers of course!
I decided to include my thumb, something I don't normally do, because it sticks out like it's meters long and always photographs in weird angles, just for the sake of the flowers that look way too cute! 
Flower Power! :D

This second one is No.474 - a light electric blue with shimmery hues.

I haven't made up my mind yet about this one, because although I love the colour I'd rather it had a different finish. 

Went with some golden flowers with this one, just because it's a combo you can never go wrong with, but it came out as one of my least favourite ones... :/

And now for what I thought was my least favourite shade from the group: No.475.
I don't know why, but, for some reason, I thought it would pop out more and when it didn't I got kind of disappointed.

Plus I though it didn't agree all that well with my skin tone and was a bit sad.
But that was before...

I added these rose stickers and saw it in sunlight!
Well.. come to mama! You are a true beauty! :D

Actually, I now think it is so amazing that found it worth another picture!
I'm learning how to take these close-up shots, so forgive me it not being perfet yet, but I will get there! ;)

And that's that for today! Hope you've enjoyed this one and let me know what you think of sticker manicures - a way of cheating on your mani or a valid resource for when you're on the go? ;)

See you all tomorrow - hopefully with no rain! - sleep tight you all!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. aaaaaah o azul *-* que lindo :D
    Quantas camadas levou? O meu problema com vernizes desses costumam ser as camadas, raramente tenho paciência para dar 3 camadas e mesmo assim ainda ver o branquinho da unha :(
    Beijocas grandes*****

    1. Exactamente como eu! Detesto dar 3camadas! hehehe
      Mas o azul portou-se bem e ficou bonitinho com duas camadas. O único teimoso aqui foi mesmo o verde! ;(

  2. Oh that blue is fantastic! What is it about it's finish you don't like?
    I like the green too, especially with the little flower stickers. And what a surprise the purple turned out to be!
    I'm rather indifferent about stickers. They can look cute if used tastefully, so why not wear them - but if it's a nail challenge, it somehow does feel like cheating to me. Not in normal life though, there's no rules for manis there, just wear whatever makes you happy!

    1. I wanted that same colour with a creme finish - haha :)
      Silly, I know - it's apparent from the bottle you won't get that. But I liked the colour so much that I wished it had a creme finish ;)
      And, agree with you, nail stickers in challenges are a big moral no-no, but if you pick them up on a daily manicure you're not willing to spend more than 20minutes doing, I find it ok :)


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