Monday, March 04, 2013

We Don't Need No Heads!

... especially when all they can get us is an insane migraine!!
Remember yesterday's annoying splitting headache? Well, that inhuman thing transformed itself into a beastly migraine with a will of its own!! :/

I went to bed, a total human wreck, at 10p.m.! Well, I never ever do that!
But the worst was: I couldn't do my nails - part of the challenge of this blog is to do and post a mani a day. 

But you will have to excuse me - some days, and I mean days like these, when your health just gets the upper hand, I won't be able to do it!

Don't crucify meeeeeee ;)
Anyway, and because i didn't want to leave you dry, I had some nice swatches from Ludurana's Marmorizados in the vault and that's what I'll be showing you today :)

See them first and kill me later - muhahaha 

 Let's get started with Quartzo - a nice light blue shade with purple, burgundy and silver glitter.
Easy to apply, even though i found it a bit too runny, it evens out with two coats and a nice fast dry top coat will do the rest of the magic ;)

And you can't argue with it: it is a pretty shade after all :))

Now... Arabesco was a different story - I thought it would be my favourite from the collection and the creme colour does look like a beauty.
However, I had to apply three coats and wasn't even so completely satisfied :/

It looks lovely, right? But it has a dark side to it, that'll drive you insane! muhaha
Three coats take forever to dry! Better grab your bottle of fast dry top coat for this one ;)

Last but not least: Faiscante!
Now, I don't know if I got a wonky bottle or something but I've only seen it this vibrant and pink in my own digits - the swatches I've seen show this polish as more of a light pink, almost lavender shade.

I still love it and think it looks great! You know me and pink have a really good relationship going! hehe :)
And it took two very thin layers for full opacity - another plus! :)

And that's it for today, lovelies. Hope you've by now forgiven me and see you tomorrow for sure! ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. ai que giros! parecem aqueles novos da illamasqua dos ovinhos!

    1. nem me digas nada que eu até fico triste! hahah :)
      há tantos vernizes que nos dão ganas de os ter! ;)
      e estes são bem bonitos, de preço acessível e... disponíveis em Portugal :))


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