Sunday, March 03, 2013

Sunday Is The Right Time For...

... a laid-back, simple manicure, don't you think?

You just want to enjoy your day the most, still having your digits look gorgeous, but without going to humongous efforts ;)

I had a most lovely Sunday and although I have a killing headache right now, I couldn't go to bed without sharing with you today's manicure.

I picked up these two beauties from KIKO:
636 Mint
423 Pearly Peacock

I thought Kiko had better improve their polish naming process: since they have such nice polishes, it seemed such a shame they're numbered, rather than named.
But! that's when I found out that if you go to their website, they have the numbers AND the names of the polishes. I mean, couldn't they also print the names? Uff!


I started with two coats of Pearly Peacock, that is the most beautiful sparkly emerald mermaid like green ever, belonging to their limited edition collection 'Celebration'.

I then added a stripe of Mint, from their Sugar Mat collection, in the middle.
Although I liked the general effect, I think this mani would've benefited from a thinner stripe rather than one that ended up overpowering the lovely base polish.

I still like how it looked, but because both polishes have such different finishes, it turned out kind of  'meh!'.
But... you learn as you go ;)

Overall, it's not bad :)
but I promise better next time ;)

Hope you have a great Monday - don't let it bring you down - and a wonderful night of sleep :)
See you tomorrow, without this splitting headache, I hope :/

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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