Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oh My Holo G...radient!

Silly post title, I know, but, what can I say?, this evening has been very sparse in good inspired ideas ;)

Still, I think I can say today's manicure, though discreet, turned out real pretty and ultimately that's what counts, right? hehe

So, let's start by showing you which polishes and other items i've used for the look:

Strip Tape
Rimmel London Funtime Fuschia (No.260)
Layla Hologram Ultra Violet (No.04)
Rimmel London Strawberry Fizz (No.025)

And this is it! I'm just really sorry I couldn't capture the holo from Layla in its full splendour!
It's one of those times that gets me thinking: 'I should really get started on creating my own light box' ;)

 Anyway, I started off with two coats from Ultra Violet and allowed it to dry fully.
Something which must have taken me...oh, I don't know... 20minutes?
I kid you not! I was thrilled that after only twenty minutes, I was able to tape my nails and have no pulling off on the two coats :D

All I had to do then, was place the tape to my will and sponge away a gradient, using the two pink shades.
Now... you know i have this quirky tendency to go ahead and do my nails different from each other.
Only this time, I don't think I succeed that much, and would rather all my nails had the same tape design on... :/

Oh well... on the other end, I was quite pleased with how the gradient turned out: subtle but consistent! :))
I think I might be getting better at it! hehe

This is all the news I have for you today - hope you've had a lovely one.
And know this: tomorrow is Fridayyyyyyyyy - hehe

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. This is pretty. I do love the gradation effect, which is really subtle.

    1. I'm really glad you liked it! Am trying to get better at gradients and your feedback just made me smile! :))


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