Sunday, March 17, 2013

Yesterday's News...

She says sadly as yet another weekend as passed by without any posts :(
Shame on me, bad, bad girl!

Once again, it's not like I didn't do my nails, it's just I couldn't fit in my busy weekend schedule posting the pictures to each day's manis :/

So, again, I hope you have the strenght and will to go through three posts today - muhahaha

Let's start with Friday's manicure, which... went terribly!
I wanted a simple manicure with a little bling to it seeing it was Friday and all, but I couldn't do a proper glitter half moon on my lavender nails and they ended up looking soooo wrong, I went home after work, did a new design and took pictures early the next morning - haha

I took the pictures at boyfriend's patio and my polishes were at home, so no photo today but I've used Actuelle 469 (I loved it so much when I wore it here, I had to have it on my nails again :)) + Layla Jade Groove (05) + Bourjois 10 Jours Dark Blue/Petrol (18)

I didn't want matching nails, so I went for this look.

I've used Jade Groove on both my pinky and my middle finger and Actuelle 469 on my index and ring fingers.
Two coats each :)

I then taped my middle finger, going for a V patterned tape manicure, but I think I rushed in too early and lost the holo polish in the second V - haha (damn! :/)

You can see it better in this photo :/
Still, despite that little detail and the fact that my pinky needed a bit more of clean-up still, I was a lot happier with how this one turned out, than the previous :))

How about you, have you ever decided to redo your nails before going out, just 'cause you didn't like how they looked? Let me know below and hope you've had an awesome Friday night ;) I sure did! hehe

Hugs & Kissies,

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