Thursday, March 07, 2013

Oh! Hi There, Neighbor!

...this post title is inspired by my favourite photo from today's manicure!

Without further ado and because I really want to show you the photo, here we go! :)

Look who also wanted to have a look at my mani, this morning!!
Awwww - cuteness overloooaaaad!! :))
Awesome way to start your day, or what?

So... I know you know that I've been obssessing over texturized polishes ( I told you I'd have to go back to KIKO) and today's mani is done with those lovelies I can't put down ;)

And now let's get serious before I  melt away haha
Here's Hot Pink (642) - I know the name is not original and all but looking at it, seriously, could you name it anything else?
Even my Love liked it and, believe me, he's not one into pink, I am ;)

Accent nail done with Sea Blue (644), a lovely deep blue with silver shimmer to it :)

And now for the wow factor: this is one coat, ladies!!! One coat!!
Oh joy, oh hapiness!:))

As I didn't want to go bare, I just added dots with the opposing colour to form the shape of my nail bed and that's it!
Overall, time spent? 20 minutes! Oh yeah! :))

Let me know if you also fell in love with the lovely neighbor I found and will be seeing you tomorrow - a very special day for me!!! <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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