Saturday, February 23, 2013

What Yo' Doin'?

... I'm paintin' ma nails! :D

Ahhhhh, gotta love a good Saturday morning: sun shining after a hail and rain evening, some good sound hours of sleep, hefty tasty brunch and... brand new nail polishes!

Feel that? It's called pure joy! hahaha 

I won't make this a long one, for you do have quite some pictures to see. So, getting on with it, this was the end result of another trip to Verniz de Luxo :D

And I'm going to start with the one Pri said I should totally get! And she was right!
I'm in love!  :)

Here's Coral No. 101 and yes this shade does exist! haha :)
Best of it all? All this loveliness available on your nails in... are you ready?...
Even application, no major brush strokes, shiny finish and fast drying!
All you can love and more in one fine little bottle :)) Pri, thank you so much!!! <3

Onto another shade - I was getting insanely jealous of everyone showing off their piCture pOlish Starry Night shade, which made me want a graffite looking polish badly!!

Flormar P062 to the rescue!! :))
Can you see the little green and red shimmer it has?! Love it!
Beautiful shade, application a bit on the sheer side but opaque in two to three coats (i did three for perfection) and should look even greater over a black or dark green base.

I also picked a burgundy pink shade, not giving it much though, but I must say I was quite surprised by this next polish!

This is Actuelle's No. 309 - can you see all the goodness it contains?
Shimmer and tiny glitter? Well, yes, please! :D
It applied beautifully - the brush is outstanding and covers my nail plate easily without flooding my cuticles! One coat is enough to make it even and opaque - this is not sheer at all - but if you're a perfection freak like me, this is what two coats look like ;)

And to finish it off, I had seen another blogger with the most gorgeous purplish blue in the world and knew right away I had to get it. So, SusYellow, from Verniz Amarelo, this is all your fault! ;)

Ladies, this is Coral No.305.
And if the pictures don't do it justice, that's because I'm inept! haha
This lovely purple shade, with blue shimmery hues to it, has a lovely satin like finish, is evenly opaque in one coat (even though you know I did two ;)) and is amazing under sun light! :)

And that's all the visual polishgarms I have for you today! ;)

Enjoy your sunny Saturday doin' yo' thing, aka paintin' yo' nails!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Que lindos os da Coral, adorei *-*
    Fotografar vernizes com reflexos é sempre tão difícil, eu fico frustrada por os ver tão lindos nas unhas e depois nas fotos ficar tudo só de uma cor praticamente :(
    Beijocas grandes****

    1. Ufa! Haja quem me compreende! hehe ;)
      detesto estas partidas das máquinas fotográficas! Mas enfin ;)

  2. Mm, I love that grafite Flormar. I only have one Flormar shade so far but the more I see the more I feel I need to go to that awful mall in the middle of nowhere that has a Flormar store and empty it out...
    and yes, how did you guess? I did spend Saturday painting my nails ;)

    1. hehehe - Saturdays are great days!! ;)
      And Flormar has me hooked - great coverage, good quality and not overboard priced! Me likey! :)


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