Friday, February 22, 2013

Sound The Alarm!

... my nails are on fire!! :)

So, as promised yesterday, I went for a two-technique mani this Friday! 

I made a mix of a borderline mani, also using the drag-marble technique, or as I call it, the fake watermarble ;)

I won't make one of my long speeches as the pictures today pretty much speak for themselves :D

Nevermind the blurry shots with the nail polishes - don't know what is wrong with me lately! Humpf! :/

I've use OPI as my base colour and also as the borderline colour.
And now you ask me excitedly: 'which one, which one?'
Well.. I don't know!! Yep, I love the brand's imaginative polish naming, but why on earth won't they write it on their bottles!?!?!? 

I bought this preciousness last year's Summer, so I tried to do some research on what name this shade could have. But just try and guess how many orange-red shades OPI has...
Erm... right! So, I apologize, but I haven't got a clue as to what its name could be :/

It's still quite lovely and you can get an even and opaque finish with just ONE COAT! Fabulous! It's one of my favourite orangey-red shades :)

I then went for Chanel's No.577 Mimosa, which looks lovely in the design, adorable in the bottle (look at all that shimmer) but when I want to use it alone, it takes me three to four coats for a fully opaque look and a whole lot of waiting around for it all to dry :/

Still... I love it! And it's named after me, I am sure, for Mimosa is what my Dad calls me, and that's what I am: sweet and lovely all in one! haha :))

So this is what it turned out like! It reminds me of fire and old paintings (what?) and warm and fuzy feelings and it kept me up and running under today's stormy weather! ;)

I made my thumb different, for I am the quirky type ;)
I've used Essence's No.05 Purple Magic nail art tip painter for the borderline and decorated with two yellow rhinestones - weird, I know, but I think it goes with the look nevertheless :)

Can you tell I really loved this one? Had tons of photos to choose from, and believe me, what a hard task it was! ;)

To finish, this is what they looked like in the sun!  *gasp*
Dreamy or what!? :))

This is one I am sad to be taking off but... tomorrow is Saturday and... guess what? I've got some swatches from this week's splurging! haha ;)
Have a kick-ass Friday night - I'll be staying home, nice and cosy, for it has just finished hailing over here... mmmm, lovely! ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Wow, this is amazing, it's like staring into the heart of the sun!

    1. :) awww - thanks!! **
      I loved these ones quite a lot myself!

  2. I went back in time to see your previous designs and OMG! You have improved so much sweetie <3 it's amazing.
    I am loving these nails. The colors are gorgeous and your nails look like they are on fire. And what a good idea to make 2 in 1 with a border around :)
    P.S. Love you nickname.

    1. hahaha - I don't usually go back to see previous manis, but I know what you mean! Even photo wise, I think I can say I'm getting better :D
      Thank you so much for being so awesome!
      ps. I also love it, but then again I'm a Dadyy's girl! ;)


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