Sunday, February 24, 2013

Candy Canes & Cupcakes

... are the sweetest way to spend your Sunday :)

So... I'm a sugar person, anything sweet - you name it - I'll love it. Mind you I said sugar, not chocolate, so bombons and chocolate bars don't count ;)
Give me jelly beans and candy canes, drops and lollipops, be it tiny cakes or full desserts, I'm on it!

But, alas!, I'm on a sugar strike (don't wanna be a young woman with diabetes), and must restrain myself. Of course it doesn't mean sugar doesn't hold a special place in my heart :)

Therefore, on this sunny sunny Sunday,  I wanted to have sweet digits on my hands and this is what I came up with:

I started by gathering the trade essentials ;)

Inocos Rosinha
Essence Nail Art Tip Painter No.04 - Pink!
Purple Professional No. 32
Flormar No. P029
Flormar No. P123
Microbeads in light blue

And tchanan! Candy canes & Cupcakes everyone! :D
I first had all nails done in two coats of white, with Purple Professional's No.32.

Using scotch tape, I did my thumb, middle finger and pinky like candycanes, using Flormar No.P029 :)

I then used Flormar No.123 to draw the cupcakes base and applied lines to it using Essence's Pink!
I dotted the cupcakes with the microbeads and applied the cherry on top using Flormar No.029 as well.

And here's the end result! :D
It may not have turned completely perfect but it sure will keep me smiling throughout this Sunday afternoon! ;)

Hope you enjoy the warm sunshine rays as well and I see you tomorrow!! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Maravilhosas *-*
    És uma artista de mão cheia, adoro as tuas manicures ^^
    Beijocas grandes e resto de bom domingo*****

    1. awwww... obrigada pelo apoio!! <3
      não estão perfeitas mas...devagarinho, devagarinho ;)
      boa semana ****

  2. Ainda no outro dia me ia enganando e quase que te ia papando as unhas :) De tão bem pintadas que estavam, confundi cupcakes :)


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