Thursday, February 21, 2013

And I, Owl Always Love You

... youuuuu-uuu-u-uuu!

Hello blogger world! :)
Remember when I told you I had got me a new nail art brush and how excited I was to be trying it in new designs and such?

Well... that was then! 
You see, I am a proud pet of my very own lovely cats. And sometimes we play games: they hide things from me and I seek them.

This time they have excelled their normal skills, for my nail art brush is nowhere to be seen nor found!

Hence the scrambly looking owl design I have for you today, for which I apologize in advance. But do take into consideration that I've done it using nothing but an orange stick, so congrats to me! Hurray! I win! :))

Now, owls were my thing before they were everyone else's. Yessir, that they were. 
Before they became fashionable, my love and I used to exchange cute owly pictures, as he seems to find them rather sweet (on a funny looking scale) and endearing.

So this one I dedicate to him, rather to some odd fashion trend now available all over the planet ;)
What can I say? Was feeling romantic! :D

So, I started with Rimmel's No.500 Peppermint on all my fingers as the base colour.
I do own several different shades of peppermint but this one has to be my favourite one: it has the coolest tone to it from all the rest! :)

Using No.19 from DermExcellence, I dotted all my fingers except the ring finger and then redotted each red one in an alterate fashion, using smaller dots of Peppermint.

And I saved the best for last - excuse my previous poor blurry pictures - it must have been the cold that made my hand all shaky :/
Out of the fifty something photos taken, this was the only one that looked perfect! ;)
Pretty much like my one and only <3 (awwww)

Ok... enough with the moochi-moochiness of this post! 
I'll be seeing you tomorrow, with a manicure combining two different techniques and also, I hope, better pictures :D

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Yep. Dedicado a mim :)

  2. Que fofaaas :D adorei o título do post ehehehe ^^
    Beijocas grandes****

    1. :) obrigada! é o amore! hehe


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