Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lazy Saturday Morning

... is perfect for swatching! :)

So... as you already know I can't stay away from Verniz de Luxo for too long!
It's not my fault they have great polishes, great prices and great customer service! :D

And now let's head for the photo spamm of the beautiful polishes I purchased Friday! :))


 Let's start with Silmaril, a beautiful golden shade, opaque in two coats and with easy application - none of that dragging we hate in metallic gold polishes! ;)

I love the fact that it isn't a bam-in-your-face gold, rater one you can wear for formal situations and still feel glamourous. :)

Impossible not to love it, don't you think?!

And if you're a Tolkien fan, you'll love it even more! :))

Ladies, this is Voodoo! Don't fall for its spell like I did or you will find yourselves looking at your nails all day long! :p

And why shouldn't you? This beauty is only two coats, with perfect applicaton and a smooth finish.
Can you see the golden shimmer it has? *sighs*

I just can't get enough of this colour! I feel nice manicures coming up, featuring this gorgeous shade! Oh yeah! :D

Just one last look and off we go to another shade! :)

 Baby, if Silmaril was a subtle, elegant gold, Aztec right here screams parrrrrrrtyyyyyyyy :)
It's like you've dropped liquid gold on your nails! I am AMAZED!


This polish's pigmentation is beyond fabulous! Sheer golden heaven with only two coats!

Aztec, I love you! I do! I really most definitely do! :D

Prettyyyyyy! Can also feel we'll be best buddies in upcoming mani combos! Definitely! :))

And we finish off with Turquoise Shimmer. If you can't see the silver shimmer you need a pair of glasses - hehe  :)

  I know the bottle reads Turquoise Shim, but I looked it up in their site and this lovely here is called Turquoise Shimmer ;)

Believe me, this is a drop dead gorgeous shade!
And when you only have to apply two coats and don't get even the slightest dragging, you gotta love it even more! ;)

And this is the last photo... :))
Boy, am I impressed! The brand deserves an A for these polishes! 
LOVE (and recommend) THEM!

Hope you've liked today's swatch spamm and let me know which ones you're considering buying :) 

Enjoy your Saturday in a super happy mode and I'll be seeing you all tomorrow!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. todas as cores te ficam 5estrelas!!

    1. awwww :) obigada!
      E os vernizes são óptimos! ;) aguentam-se na unha sem lascar ca. 3/4dias! ;)


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