Friday, February 15, 2013

And The Beat Goes On

... which is the same as saying, romantic nails are still a go, for Valentine's is whenever you want!

But as I believe all of us are tired out of our guts to see hearts all over the place, these romantic nails have flowers on them instead! :)
Which is to say, we can call them Spring Nails!

It's also the first post I do with a stamping manicure, so double yey! :))

I loved this manicure so so much that I'm postponing having to take it off  *sad*

Let's go onto the nails subject and let you be the judges of today's mani:

 Ahhhhhhhh... in love! :))

  I started off with two coats of the most amazing shimmery purple in the whole wide world: Inglot's No.834 :)
And then added a coat of So Matt from Bourjois (I find matte finish to be such a beautiful chic trend! :))

 Then,  using Konad plate m24 and Essie's Lacy not Racy, I stamped these pretty flowers on the dry surface of my  nails (make sure they are indeed dry or you will get a bump on your base polish such as the one you can see on my ring finger -.-')

Here's a detail shot of the nails to finish off for today. :D

Let me know what you think below and have yourselves a fantastic Friday evening! 
Ah, Weekend I Do Love You! :)
See you all tomorrow (with swatches of fantastic brand new polishes! :D)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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