Sunday, February 17, 2013

One Tape To Rule Them All

... because I am the stubborn type and can't let no challenge walk all over me, I had another go at tape manicure!

I had the time, I had the tools, good Lord of Nails above, please do give me the patience! haha

And he did! I made all four digits different (by the time I got to my thumb I was huffing and puffing and crying 'no more, no more') and am really happy with how they all turned out!

I'm telling you, I shall not be finished with ye, tape, before I become a pro at mastering you!  :D

So... let's start the photo slideshow! ;)

Voilà! I started with two coats of Aztec from brand Beauty Uk.
I allowed it to dry for a whole hour (was taking no chances this time). 
I placed the strips of tape to make different designs and picked Flormar's P071 to paint over the base colour.

And here's another shot from a different angle - you can see my 'naked' thumb, with nothing but the base colour ;)

I discovered my honey's patio makes for the most wonderful spot to photograph my manis!
How lovely is the red flower over there, giving this photo a nice contribution? Love! :))

So... judging time: which one's your favourite?
Left to right: index finger, middle finger, ring finger or pinky?
Let me know in the comments below! :D

I know this is far from perfect but.. I'm actually sad to be taking it off... :/
Oh well, tomorrow's a new day and time for a new manicure - will be seeing you all then! ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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