Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love It When Something Goes Wrong

... because you always learn something!

A warm hello to you lovely stars out there and excuse all imperfections on today's manicure!

You know already I'm in a kind of obssessive mode with tape manicures, right?
And as quite the stubborn person that I am, today I attempted at another one, involving not two, but three colours!

Did it work out as perfectly as I wanted it to? Well... of course IT DID NOT!
Does it matter? Well... not really :D 
Because I'm still going to keep at it like a dog to a juicy bone! And boy do I love this bone! ;)

Time for photos! Ready? Set! Go!

This is it! I didn't want the pattern on all my nails but apparently I didn't even manage to get it as right on my middle finger as on my index finger :/
And if you pay closer attention to detail, you'll see I had a little 'colour bleeding' happening on both fingers...

I started off with base coat and a layer of No.32 from Purple Professional - that's the white from the lines you see underneath.
And then I had my pinky done with two coats of Flormar's P072 - the most lovely of Spring purples! :))

I then picked another shade also from Flormar and treated my ring finger with two coats from No. P004 - a coral shade with the most gorgeous golden shimmer (it's a lot more visible in real life, trust me!).

I then taped my index and middle fingers to form a square pattern and had one side of the nail painted with one colour and then the other, on a 50/50 scale.


The tape didn't stick as it should have in all places (that's why some lines simply vanished from the design). 
And my lovely coral shade decided it needed more room on the nail to shine properly and 'bled' over the purple one.

So... what about end result - positive or negative?
Well, you know something? It may not be a perfect mani but I still liked its quirkiness! 
It certainly isn't perfect but I wore it proudly today, got compliments for it and it made me happy! So overall, I guess it's a thumbs up, no matter what imperfections are there !

Let me know whether you agree or not and if this also happens to you (I mean less perfect manis) ;)

See you all tomorrow and sleep tight!

Hugs & Kissies,


  1. I really like this actually. The broken bar on the middle finger seems intentional - like the colors are still more restrained in their "cage" on the first finger, then start bleeding more and the cage starts to dissolve, and then they're separate. It's fun.

    1. (you're here! :))
      wow! :) hadn't really thought of it that way, but now that you said it, I like it even more! You're good with stories ;)
      thank you! *


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