Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ah, Flormar!

Ladies, brace yourselves for some pretty, pretty swatches!

Some new shades have arrived today at my newly found favourite shop in the whole wide world

Here's some of the colours I purchased that turned my not-so-lovely day into something oh so much better!

Tomorrow, I will definitely be showing the rest, together with some nail art (yeyyyy!)

Here they are: the pretties :)
These are some of the polishes I went for today.

What do you say to this metallic electric-blue?!
Gorgeous, isn't it?

Then I went for some deep burgundy: you know you can never go wrong with deep reds - they make for such nice velvety polishes and oh so chic! ;)

Last one for today - had to save the best for last - a nice deep turquoise (though you can't tell from the photo - lightning doesn't make it justice! At all!)
This is definitely my favourite from all three! 

How about you? Which one's your favourite?
Will you be getting any of the colours?

Don't miss tomorrow's Part II, where I'll be showing you all the other beauties! :)

Sleep tight you all.
Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 

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