Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Dot is a Dot

And many dots are many dots :)

Although I feel exhausted today, this manicure can't help but make me smile - dots are sure to lift up your mood.

Without rambling too much, here are the pictures of today's dotticure - hope you like them!

Polishes I've used:
Actuelle No. 454 * Perolado
Layla Hologram Effect No.3 * Retro Pink
Rimmel No.500 * Peppermint
Essence Colour & Go No.74 * Sure Azure

This is my favourite peppermint colour of all time :)

If you like Holographics, say yeah (yeahhhh) :)

And that's it for today - my head can't take much more and must hit the pillow.

Good night to you all and see you tomorrow.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Ai que fofinhoo!
    Gostei muito!
    Então e os vernizes da layla valem o preço?


    1. :) awwww, obrigada! :)

      Eu gosto muito dos vernizes da Layla (mesmo sendo uns escandalosos 10€)

      Não sou grande expert - só conheço os da colecção dos holográficos - mas gosto muito do acabamento final e da durabilidade :)

      Espero que tenha ajudado
      Mina *


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