Saturday, February 02, 2013

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

... Springs gives a sneak peek (we hope!) ^.^

Tired of this weather and wishing rain and cold to go away and never come back, I came up with this manicure to cheer up the end of a very looooooong week :)

I had to go get a lot of polishes and pretty colours, so here's a picture of what I used, instead of a really long list:

Sete Sóis (Base Correctora) is currently my favourite base coat!
Love the matte finish, love how my nails get all nice and smooth for any polish and just l-o-v-e how it protects my nails, even from really bright blues and reds :)

  Andreia is what I call a great bargain - quality nail polishes for a really cheap price.
You can get a bottle for 2.50€  and the polish won't stain your nails and won't chip easily.
What else can you ask for? :)

And here's the manicure! Red can cheer anyone up and this particular polish has quite a bright tone to it.
And... if you want to know what dragging means... check out the rainbow dotticure on my ring finger - what is that!?!!?!?
Oh well... I should know better by now -  can't go applying top coat on freshly done dots! :(

 So... here's the thumb, the dragging not as noticeable :)

 And to finish, I found the removing pad made for a cute twirl of colours and decided to show it to you :)

Let me know if you've liked this one and I'll be seeing you soon - very soon! :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 

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