Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Vampy: Day 2 - Black Studded Nails

Hello beautiful earthlings!
Today's another DD vampy day and my lil' brain went down the leather jacked and knee-high black boots, this time.

That's how I came up with:

Black Studded Nails

Black Studded Nails

Black Studded Nails

I painted my nails one at a time, using two coats of polish.
I placed the golden tiny microbeads by hand while the last coat dried.

Black Studded Nails

I'd forgotten how tiring and time consuming this was.
But it sure is worth the sight afterwards, don't you agree?
These spell out badass to me and I'm putting them in the edgy vampy category.

What category would you place them? ;)
Don't forget to browse through the gallery below for more vampy nail art.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Awesome black studded nails. Those small gold balls goes well with the black.

  2. You must have a very steady hand! Haha!! These are great!

  3. The time was TOTALLY worth it - these are amazing!

  4. I love the simplicity of this and admire your patience with those little beads lol

  5. These are so cool!! I need to try this!


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