Friday, April 15, 2016

The Digit-al Dozen Does Gradients: Day 3 - Optical Illusion Diagonal Gradient Nails

Hello to all of you insomniac enough to be reading this now.

I'm gonna keep today's post short and sweet 'cause I urgently need to get to bed.

Also, today's nails speak for themselves anyway and they don't really need many words to describe them.
So, take a look:

Optical Illusion Diagonal Gradient Nails

Now, did I tell you or did I tell you?!
This may seem like I'm bragging but aren't these a pretty sight?

Optical Illusion Diagonal Gradient Nails

I made a diagonal gradient using Inocos Rosinha, P2 999 Aloha Dreams and El Corazón Matte Effect 164.
On top of it I applied one of my favourite nail stickers I own - they made their first appearance HERE  and I'm actually dreading the day I run out of them.

I hope you like these as much as I do and I'll talk to you again tomorrow (Friyay!!!).

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Just love everything about this manicure.

  2. WOW! These are so awesome. Everything about this is sweet!

  3. Woah these are so trippy!! Gorgeous Mina!

  4. This is awesome! And your stamping is perfect! I love everything about these but especially the rainbow-y gradient! :)

  5. Your photos look really great Mina! I love how many colors you used in your gradient, it looks so cool with the stamping!

  6. Woooow so 70s and crazy!!!
    I like that sparkle in the pink nail polish, I had to look very close to spot this detail!!

  7. Oh wow, these are really cool! I never have thought to do a diagonal gradient!


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