Monday, November 02, 2015

Halloween Nail Art - October Roundup

October was an overall crazy month of a ton of school work and a determination to follow through every single nail art challenge I'd gotten my head into.

Believe it or not I think I made thirty something different looks and I'm amazed at how I managed it all, including some very detailed designs. I guess I work great under pressure, hey?

I participated in an Instagram nail art challenge - the #clairestelle8oct - made by the neon crazy super sweet Claire @clairestelle8, and since I didn't post about any of them here (I can't stretch hours, yet), I thought 'Why not make a roundup?'

You might have seen these over on Instagram or Facebook, but if not let's see them all:

Halloween Nail Art

For the first prompt - BATS - I created a bats fly away.
I'd seen it before with birds but never with bats and so I picked up my nail art brush and got to it.


fall nail art

 For AUTUMN COLORS, I wanted something easy to make and not very detailed.
Seeing I hadn't practised on my freehand stripes in a while, I thought it was the perfect time to do so, over an autumnal watercolor background.

Halloween Nail Art

 We got to the third prompt: SKULLS.
I didn't want anything morbid - you know me, I'm more of the cutsie kawaii vibe type of person - so, I went with a silly skull pattern instead.

Needle Marble Nail Art

 For PSYCHADELIC, I didn't quite know what I wanted and didn't feel all that inspired at all.
Nonetheless, I think I managed to create something nice and with the desired effect: over a background of needle marble in pink, I made a swirl of black dots.
What do you think? 

Halloween Nail Art

Next up was WITCHES and I'd been dying to get a witty saying on my nails I'd seen online.
So that's exactly what I did - I freehanded a witch's silhouette with a full moon behind and the saying 'Yes, I can drive a stick'.
Double points to you if you get the origin of the saying ;)

Halloween Nail Art

We get to the PUMPKINS prompt and you can tell by now I had a slight thing going on for the colours purple haha
I freehanded some zombie pumpkins on all nails, with rough edges and outlines.
I quite like how they turned out, despite how little they took me to paint.

Bones Nail Art

By the time we got to BONES I was already kinda dreading Halloween derived themes, so I went down the clever road and came up with the TV series Bones, inspired by THIS I found online.
I was so proud of myself for achieving it! Faces are not one of my strong points and these don't look totally bad.

Ghostbusters Nail Art

GHOSTS was when I started feeling overwhelmed (mid-term evaluations are hell, I tell you!) and this Ghostbusters mani got posted late and not on the day. I still really love it, though and you should definitely check the glitter version HERE - which one's your favourite?

Halloween Nail Art

HALLOWEEN was the last prompt of the month and I showed off my very kawaii candy corn mani, inspired by two Kirakiranail designs from her last YTube video.
You know I had to end with something that spelled Mina, there and then :)

Do you have a favourite? Hope you had a fun Halloween, if you're one to celebrate (I'm not - it's not really a thing in Portugal, even though I had a party of trick or treaters knock on my door - so  u n u s u a l!!)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Some super cute nail art here!

  2. Wow, sweetie, you really pushed yourself to the limits on this challenge! They are all pretty amazing nail arts, but my favorite, absolute favorite has to be the candy corn pattern! What a detail! The Psychedelic theme has something very mesmerizing in it and I love this mani too!

  3. I just died with your candy corn mani! So precious. I'm glad you did a round up because I missed a couple of these on IG. Good for you producing so many manis this month!

  4. Wow you're on such a nail art roll Mina!! I don't know how you come up with so many amazing designs! The autumn colours are my favourite, and the Middle finger of your candy corn nail is absolutely hilarious hahaha!

  5. The kawaii candy corn design - it looks like the middle candy corn is having a halo of some sorts :D!

  6. You are so talented! Congratulations on being such a stud and completing the challenge! Not an easy feat, especially when you are busy with other things as well! Love love love all of the looks you did! Creative, festive and perfect!

  7. You're so good a these, you definitely thrive under pressure I think :-) I love those ghostbusters ones! They're super cute, but so are the pumpkins! It's too hard to choose a favourite!

  8. They are all gorgeous but I really love the kawaii candy corn! So cute! I also really like seeing your freehand designs :) You certainly produced a lot of very wonderful manicures for that month! xx

  9. These are all so amazing! I love your Ghostbusters one the most I think, it's so awesome!


You just made this girl smile! Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts with me! :)

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