Friday, October 30, 2015


Toda's post is another 40GNAI!! 
I've been having a ton of fun with this challenge and today's nail art is no exception!

Here's what I prepared for Halloween:

halloween nail art

I recreated THIS drawing by SuperRibbonGirl (you can check her Deviantart profile).
She was inspired by Invader Zim and recreated a blood and gore version of him.

halloween nail art

I starter by painting my nails blood red, with Body Shop Crimson Kiss.
It was the perfect background polish!

halloween nail art

I then took out all my acrylic paints and mixed some colours in to achieve the gorgeous slimy, sickening green.

halloween nail art

I can't believe I managed the tiny drips of blood and all the tiny details. It's like they say: practice makes perfect and this October I sure practised a lot of freehand! :)

I can tell you so far this nail art has been a success among my students (even boys, who never care much about nails and all that jazz), so it's definitely a win!

Make sure you have a look at everyone's halloween-y creations in the inlinks below.
And leave me your halloween nail art look in the comments, I wanna see it!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. That character is pretty scary!

  2. What a crazy thing! I've never seen this character and you painted it great but maaan this is scary :D

  3. I am SO in love and in awe of your free hand style! Swing some of that talent my way! Beautiful!

  4. MINA!!!! Little zombie Zim looks amaaaaazing!! You are one talented lady!

  5. So cute, I love Invader Zim! Always impressed by your freehand skills <3

  6. I've seen this character before but can't remember where hehe. You did such a great job freehanding it!

  7. This is amazing! Seriously spot on depiction of the character!

  8. hahah it's kinda fun for a Halloween mani :D
    I like it, Mina as well as the deep red you've picked for it!


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