Saturday, October 24, 2015

40 Great Nail Art Ideas - Orange, Purple and Green Needle Drag Nail Art

Longest post title ever marks another 40GNAI challenge.
This one's the colour part of the challenge, when we all get different techniques.

I got needle drag this week and it was a struggle, I can tell you that. So much so, in fact, that I've got two nail designs to show you. I consider them both fails (hence this post being late) but #failsarenails too, so here we go!

Needle Drag Nail Art

This is the one I consider less of a fail, but I can't say I've succeeded all that much at all either, can I?

Needle Drag Nail Art

I do love the purple base colour I went with - Kiko 255 Violet Microglitter but the overall look is kinda 'meh'.
I used Kiko 482 Tangerine and Kiko 297 Acid Green for the needle drag part.

Then, I've got the failest of them all.

I used Kiko 330 Lilac as base colour and Kiko 391 Grass Green and Kiko 482 Tangerine for the needle drag nail art.

 I feel this is one technique I'll have to practice LOADS to even reach an acceptable result.

Make sure you check everyone's designs in the inlinkz below - they all show different nail art techniques, which is what makes this challenge awesome, really :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


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  2. Have'nt you watched Simplynailogical vidéos on needle drag ? Apparantly, you've got to be Russian to achieve this technique, so training is not going to help us with it :p :)
    More seriously I prefer the colors and desing in the darkest one :)

  3. Your drag water marble looks so neat!

  4. oh, that's the best advice everrr!! Macar'Ongle I loved it! <3 hahahaha! Now I finally know why my best marbled is saran marbled hahaha!! No needle drag, no water thingie for me either! no Russians roots, no success lol!

    You know, on the other hand, Mina - I think these are not such big fails! The colors you used are incredibly beautiful and upbeat, there's no need for the design to be a perfect drag. I like it. Actually.. I find it impossible to dislike it or consider it a fail (either of them, but I do have a preference for the purple ones - why you said the kiko base was 'meh'?)

  5. I tried this recently too and trust me... Yours actually looks very pretty and how it is supposed to! Mine on the other hand really was just a gloopy mess and left me with naked bits of nail even though the base was dry.. I love both of these manicures but I'd have to agree with you, I think the first one is actually very beautiful <3

  6. I love both!! I got dotting tools, and my previous was "Dots" so imagine I tried no less than three manis using dotting tools without having to do dots again, finally I was so unhappy with those I ended up doing DOTS AGAIN. Go figure! what else can you do with a dotting tool other than dots!


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