Monday, August 17, 2015

Zombie Glitter Nails

I'm quite aware the title to this post is probably the most ridiculous thing - zombies AND glitter?! - but we're going with fun and crazy today ;)

(I've posted these yesterday on Instagram, so they may not be totally new to you.)

green glitter nails

And that means starting it off with a close-up of the most wonderfully bright green polish. And it's glitter!!!

Etos Kiwi Cupcake is a jelly glitter polish, with four different sizes and colours of glitter pieces. It's like a glitter feast in a tiny bottle.

(Paulina, thank you for this one, luv, you know just what tickles my fancy)

swatch Etos Kiwi Cupcake

You're seeing three coats: you know I like my nails with full coverage, but you can apply only two coats for a more jelly like finish.
Also, please bear in mind that, despite its beauty and wowness factor, this baby has a potencial to stain, so you might want to apply a base colour that won't to prevent it.

Zombie Glitter Nails

Seeing the jelly polish and the jelly sandwich prompt (go HERE to see what I'm talking about), I went with zombies, 'cause we all know they've got jelly for brains ;)

Plants vs. Zombies

These are waterdecals I got a year ago for review by - you can have a trip down memory lane and check the original review HERE -  but, sadly, they're no longer available (neither in the link nor in the website), which is a pity because they are cute and because I'm a fan of Plants vs. Zombies ;)

Aaaaand that's a wrap.
Let me know if you also play the game; if you liked these; if you notice the cat's hair in one of the photos ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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