Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Glittery Floral Nails - Wycon No.01 Sparkle

Today's nails are glittery and floral - the best of both worlds- but they also have a sad story to tell:

Glittery Floral Nails

There's glitter and there's flowers and all is nice at a first glance and all but...

Wycon No.01 Sparkle

I've used Wycon No.01 Sparkle, which is a brilliant glitter mix - lovely golden and red glitter pieces, big and smaller ones - should be perfect, right?
And it is, actually, except for the part where it stained my nails a shade of crazy orange :(

Glittery Floral Nails

That and the fact that I didn't much like the flowers I ended up creating with acrylic paints, doesn't make this one a winner for me.
The glitter polish is gorgeous but I'm afraid I won't use it again on its own - maybe it'll make for a nice topper.

I'm sharing this one with you to warn you against this polish: it'll seduce your eyes in the bottle and then go for the kill.
What was the last back-stabber stainer polish you tried on your nails?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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