Thursday, July 16, 2015

Vintage Rose Waterdecals Nails - Review-

Today I bring you the last waterdecal set I was sent for review by

They're a gorgeous set of vintage roses with white polka dots and they are absolutely lovely!

Vintage Rose Waterdecals Nails

I love the design and the way it makes my nails all classy and vintage-y and feminine.
Mind you the slight pixelation you see in these waterdecals aren't visible to the naked eye. Somehow my camera thought it fun to capture.

Available HERE
1 Sheet Charming Floral Water Decals - Flower007

This item retails for $1.99, with FREE International shipping.  Also, coupon code SGBQ10 will get you an additional 10% off of your entire purchase.

Vintage Rose nails

Also please bear in mind, you'll need a white background before you apply these, they are see-through.
I'm using a new to me white polish - it's by Wycon, which is a cousin brand to KIKO. They also don't test on animals and pride on providing good quality nail polish and makeup at medium prices.
I shall be swatching and review this soon, but it's No.718 in case you're curious. 

 Flormar Black Dot BD02

I applied a different polish to my pinkie - Flormar Black Dot BD02 - and I can't tell you how much I love this polish! Literally to die for!
On my middle finger I did something different. 
Instead of applying the full waterdecal to my nail, I cut it around a single rose, to make it stand out, making sure I got a nice even square.
I then applied it to the center of my and added two golden caviar beads below and above it.
It's my favourite nail!

How about you? 
Which of the three waterdecal sets was your favourite? (you can check the previous two HERE and HERE).

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina * 

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