Friday, May 22, 2015

Pop Art Cherry Nails with A Maria Vaidosa by Inocos

Today, with  Inocos, I'm bringing you some cherry nail art, with a pop art twist.

 Inocos A Maria Vaidosa Violeta

Let's start with the nail polish that inspired the whole look - this is Inocos A Maria Vaidosa Violeta.
It's opaque in two very thin coats and the drying time is quite fast.
The end finish is not the shiniest, but it's not entirely dull - you'll need a topcoat, though, because you'll want such a gorgeous shade to shine till infinity and beyond!

Pop Art Cherry Nails

So, we all know fruit nail art is one of the cutest, because, really, who can doubt that?, and because we've seen it HERE, HERE and HERE and one can't argue with verified proof ;)

Pop Art Cherry Nails

I did these with nail polish (I was feeling daring and confident ;)) and maybe that's why the lines aren't as sharp and thin as I'd have them be.
But still I can't help but love the sort of pop art feel to this one, which adds to the whole funky, cute look.

How about you? Are you into pop art nail art at all?
And how about fruit nail art? - which fruit would you have painted on your nails, for a fun look? I'm curious to know, so drop me a comment below and I'll see you very soon.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

You can purchase the Inocos A Maria Vaidosa edition on the official website (PT).

 Connect with Inocos on Official Site – Facebook – Instagram 


  1. Very pretty orchid color and it goes well with that design too.

  2. These look so so pretty! That purple is incredible!

  3. Such a lovely polish and a fine piece of Artwork!

  4. Love the nail art, the 'pop art' style suits it great!

  5. These are too adorable! I love that base color SO MUCH! It's the perfect shade of orchid!

  6. These are really cute! I love that orchid base colour!


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