Monday, May 04, 2015

Floral Waterdecals - Born Pretty Store Review

I think I might be on a floral nail art path. 

After yesterday's nails, I remembered I'd been sent for review some pretty waterdecals by and they turned out perfect for what I had in mind:

floral peony nails

Some floral skittle nails.
Last week's design (go HERE to see it) made me realise skittles and skittletes are great fun and I don't wear them enough.

the body shop nail polish

For my index and ring finger I went with a vintage red and a dark blue polish: Inocos Vermelho Mais Doce and The Body Shop Crazy For Blue.
The duochrome rhinestones I applied to each are also from Born Pretty Store and I've reviewd them HERE before.

floral spring nails

The waterdecals are full nail decals and I was surprised at how good I managed to apply them - usually I always get wrinkles in one place or another.

Available HERE.
Peacock Flower Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker Enchanting Floral Pattern

This item retails for $1.39, with FREE International shipping.  Also, coupon code SGBQ10 will get you an additional 10% off of your entire purchase.

Hope this review helped and I'll see you soon!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Those decals are pretty!

  2. These look absolutely fabulous!! Really good balance with the floral and chic colours + rhinestone combo :D

  3. I love water decals from BPS, I've used them a few times myself with good results! Skittle manis are my favourite, I prefer that style to the same thing on every nail I think!

  4. These decals are gorgeous! I love skittle manis. The blue and red work so well with the florals.

  5. Your application surprised me as well because I can never get decals to look that awesome! Very nice!

  6. Thanks, hun!
    Either these work really well or I was having a lucky day ;)

  7. They are indeed beautiful - thank you for your words, hun *

  8. Diversity makes the world go round ;)
    Glad I'm not the only one liking water decals - thanks, luv! *

  9. Thank you so much, sweetie! It's a compliment to hear it from you! :)

  10. Yesss! Thanks, hun! *

  11. Victoria - manicurator06/05/2015, 04:45

    These look great!! Hope it was that they work well, not just luck :P

  12. I really enjoy their full nail decals, and I like to wear them as accents as well. This is such a gorgeous mani! All of it works so well with the decals! <3


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