Thursday, May 28, 2015

Floral Stamping over Catrice Plumdog Millionaire

There are two good things about being on a no-buy stage: (1) your bank account doesn't hate you nor want to murder you and (2) you rediscover some of your favourite nail polishes, long put in the oblivion drawer.

Today's nail art was done over one such polishes:

Catrice Plumdog Millionaire

Catrice Plumdog Millionaire from the Crushed Crystals edition.
I remember being obssessed by how perfect this polish was - look at all that microglitter goodness - and I've definitely been too long without wearing it: a whole year?! Whaaaaa?! 
(check HERE and HERE, square nail shape and all ;))

Floral Stamping over Catrice Plumdog Millionaire

I used two coats for this look and decided on a top coat to really make it pop.
This nail polish originally has a texture kind of finish, but I wanted shiny nails today :)

Floral Stamping over Catrice Plumdog Millionaire

I stamped using Inocos Pipoca em Viagem and BP-24 stamping plate by Born Pretty Store.
Lovely, Spring-y and I love how whimsical the leafy arabesques are :)

So, now I want to know: what's inside YOUR oblivion drawer? Are there polishes you loved when you purchased them, that then got replaced in the throne by new ones?

And are you also on a no-buy phase or going crazy over all the crazy gorgeous new releases?
Tell me all about it!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. É mesmo lindo o verniz :D E adoro os autocolantes! Tenho que arranjar uns assim!

  2. The floral stamping is so pretty against the purple.

  3. This is beautiful! I have an untried's's large. I'm slowly working my way through it though. I should be done in 2018.

  4. Ugh this looks incredible Mina!!! I love that base and the white floral stamping compliments it beautifully.

  5. Beautiful polishes and I love the floral stamping you went with!

  6. This looks amazing with a shiny finish, and I love your stamping as well!

  7. That's a fabulous polish ... I love all the iridescent particles. I have a fairly small polish collection, so not too many untrieds ... but there are a couple of KBShimmer glitters that need some love and some Barry M Gellies which I added to my stash recently. Thanks for reminding me ... I will have to get them out next! :)

  8. I love rediscovering old polishes! I love how you paired it with white stamping, the colors contrast so nicely and it just looks lovely. I am admiring your awesome stamping skills <3

  9. Your mani is lovely! Isn't it nice to rediscover 'old' polishes? As a reader of blogs, it is a pleasure to see older polishes featured - polishes I might already have in my stash! - in a posting (Not to say I don't like to see the new pretties also). I have been on a no/low-buy (....a little wiggle room for just in case!) for over a month now. I should be on a no buy until I use all the polishes I have! I have done pretty good, but belonging and visiting FB nail polish groups with all the polishes and manis featured - oh, lordy! I have to calm myself down and say a mantra sometimes! Most of all, I try to keep in mind the image of an item I want to get, when I feel it is .... safe. :)


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