Monday, May 25, 2015

Express Nail Polish Remover by CF Beauty Cosmetics - Product Review

I've got a slightly different post for you to day than what's usual around here.

I bring you a review, but not nail polish related. Well, it is nail polish related, only it's a nail polish remover.

Express Nail Polish Remover by CF Beauty Cosmetics

A while ago, I was sent for review this Express Nail Polish Remover by  CF Beauty Cosmetics.
The product is acetone, parabens and sulfates free and has a sponge inside the container soaked in remover, so you won't need any cotton pads.

Express Nail Polish Remover by CF Beauty Cosmetics

The container comes with a second lid for extra safety and to prevent the product from evaporating.
Once opened, this will remain good for you to use for an 18 month duration.
The remover has got a blue-ish colour, as you can see and the sponge is black, so it won't stain with nail polish.

Express Nail Polish Remover by CF Beauty Cosmetics

I know this photo is kinda weird, but that's my finger inside the container - there's an opening in the sponge for each finger.
You then turn the container clockwise and anti-clockwise and you'll get something like this:

Express Nail Polish Remover by CF Beauty Cosmetics

Now, apart from  my yellow-y nail (nail polish obssessions will do that to ya), I was pleased to see this remover took every bit of nail polish from my nail, including the corners and near the cuticles.
I wanted to experiment this product with something that is usually hard to remove. I didn't go for glitter, but I used an equally annoying polish to remove: texture polish (you can see the full mani HERE).

This product is available HERE, it contains 40ml/1.35fl and it retails for €5, which seems like a fair price to me, considering the ingredients list and how convenient it is.

So I want to know what you think of such a product - have you used these express polish removers before? Do you have any such products at home? Do you find them as effective as convenient? I wanna know!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

To purchase the CF Beauty Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2015 go on the official website (PT).

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  1. I use a remover like this but it has a white sponge and it's definitely annoying that it gets stained but it's not there to look pretty, and it does it's job. I wont go back to using normal remover now though, the pots are definitely my favourite and I loved your review!

  2. This appears to work really well! I really like that the sponge is a dark color so it doesn't get funky as you use it!

  3. I don't have a remover like this, but oh my, I'd think I'd like to try one. Super fascinated that it removed that polish so well for you, I wonder if you'd save on the amount of remover you'd use over time too? So curious.

  4. This looks like it works wonderfully! I really like the sponge here vs the "scrubby tub" that has the hard bristles. That thing tore up my cuticles. :/

  5. I've tried the scrubby tub type that Jenny mentioned which wreaked havoc on my nails but this one seems really nice also because it's acetone free!

  6. I love these removers, I find them hit and miss though; some I've tried have been awful, but when you find one that works they're wonderful! Not so great with glitters but they make swatching cremes very fast

  7. This looks amazing, I really like that it is kind to nails without the nasty chemicals. I have tried something similar to this but it almost like pure acetone... obviously my nails really hated me after that but I think they would want to try something such as this :) xx

  8. That seems to work great! But to be honest, with the amount of polish I have to remove some days it just feels easier to stick to good ol' remover and cotton balls ;-).

  9. I absolutely LOVE dip-in removers! That's the only thing I use to remove my polish! :D It removes all polish so fast and easy! This seems like a very good product as well, free from a lot of strong chemicals.


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