Saturday, May 02, 2015

Cat Nails #A2Znails - Y is for You

Today's  nail art is slightly late - I should've posted it Thursday - but I literally had no idea on what to do for A2Z Nail Art Challenge.

The topic was Y is for You and I drew a blank in my mind.
Luckily, inspiration is all around and a fellow blogger came to my rescue.

cute cat nail art

Today's Cat Nail Art is 90% inspired by Minnie from MiniNailBlog and Nailbees and 10% inspired by my three furry cuties.

verniz inocos

I obssess about everything from her perfect nail shape, cute nail art and bright and clear photography, and I'd been wanting to recreate THIS design of hers for a while now.
Hers is asolutely gorgeous and I'm just sad mine didn't come out as neat.

cute cat nail art

It has probably to do with the colours I wore for the kitties, but I wanted to honour my own and have them appear similar, hence the three different cats :)
Rather than following Minnie's tutorial, I freehanded the kitties.

Finding nail art that means me is always a tough choice, because there's just so much that is me.
But this one allowed me to combine something I'd been wanting to do and my adorable cuties, so I guess it turned out perfect in the end :)

Let me know and don't forget to check Minnie's work - you can also find her on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram - it's totally worth it, I promise you ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Thank you so much, John! :D

  2. Thank you, lovely :))

  3. Aww! I'm so in LOVE with these kittens!! Thank you so much for double linking to my pages, you are AWESOME!!! :D

  4. Oh, honey, you don't have to thank at all - I'm a huge fan of your work ;)
    Glad you liked my recreation, it makes me happy <3


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