Friday, May 01, 2015

Kiwi Nails with A Maria Vaidosa by Inocos

 Kiwi Nails with Inocos - fun and awesome, yes please!


kiwi nails in neon green

I firmly want to believe Summer is upon us, so I want neon nails to be all the rage, just because.
And can you really say no to kiwi nails, be honest! :))

neon green nails

This gorgeous beauty gave me the idea for the cute nail art.
This is Neon Verde from the new collection #amariavaidosabyinocos. They were created in partnership with a Portuguese Youtuber and all six shades are perfect for the Summer.
This is a two coat neon nail polish, people! The shine is all his - it doesn't even dry slightly matte or anything.

kiwi nails

The nail art couldn't be any simpler: you'll need two nail polishes - a pastel yellow one and black one - and a dotting tool with a teeny tiny head.

cute kawaii nails

You apply a thin strip of yellow to the middle of your nails and then add the kiwi's seeds around it in a haphazard fashion.
And voilá! you got yourself a cute, effortless look that'll surely turn heads ;)

You can purchase the new Inocos A Maria Vaidosa from their official website (PT).
Connect with Inocos: Official Site – Facebook – Instagram


  1. That is such a fun green!

  2. Just so bright and gorgeous. Puts a spring in ones step looking at it!

  3. That nailart makes me happy :D! Such an easy look but such high impact.

  4. So cute. and that green is spectacular! I'm all about the stupidly bright citrus colours!

  5. 2 coater neon?! I wish we had this brand here that's amazing! I love the kiwi nails <3 they're my fav!

  6. I know, right? It's definitely one of my favourite national brand :)
    Thanks, hun **

  7. hahaha - 'stupidly bright' works perfect as description to this one ;)

  8. Yay! Double points - thanks, luv *

  9. Thank you, John - that was exactly the idea :D

  10. For sure! :D Thank you for stopping by, Lisa :))


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