Monday, February 09, 2015

Born Pretty Chameleon No.217 - Swatch and Review

You won't believe how excited I am to bring you this swatch and review post.

This week, I received in the mail some nail art products from Born Pretty Store to review, including a nail polish from their new Chameleon collection.

At first I was slightly suspicious - would it smell funky/industrial/chemical? Would it apply runny and need four coats until opaque? Would it take ages to dry and have a dull finish?

Well, I'm glad to say I was proven wrong:

Born Pretty Chameleon No.217 Swatch and Review

This polish is amazing! 
I'm so, so glad I received it for review, 'cause it's really such a great product.

multichrome nail polish

Do you see all the different shades you get? 
What you see is two coats, easily applied, not runny nor goopy either.
And look at that amazing shiny finish - as per usual, no topcoat was used during the making of this swatch.

Born Pretty Chameleon No.217 Swatch and Review

Now, for the big question. If there's one thing we all hate about minis it's their flimsy brush, am I right?
But you needn't worry: although a 6ml only - thus, a mini - the brush is not bad at all, being full and wide enough even for my nails.

Born Pretty Chameleon No.217 Swatch and Review

And to prove you will get all the shades you see in the bottle, here's a macro shot - this beauty goes from blue to purple, to pink and gold.
Can you spot all the different shades? It's truly a chameleon polish - love it!

If you've loved it just as much, know this is Born Pretty Chameleon No.217, you can find it here, and you get a 10% off discount using the code SGBQ10.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Oh wow, this is awesome! I was a bit skeptical of the new BPS chameleon polishes cuz I saw they suggested you apply it over a black base, but I'm really happy to hear they're opaque in 2 coats! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts :-D

  2. oh yes this is just awesome!

  3. Isn't it? Glad you think so, too :)

  4. So was I, so you can imagine my surprise :) I didn't even have to use black - you're quite welcome and thank you for stopping by, dear **

  5. The only negative thing to say about this nail polish is that the bottle is too small... :-)


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