Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Barry M Persian: Aquarium Nail Effects - Swatch and Review

This is one I have to thank my sister for - she brought me quite some awesome Barry M nail polishes and they're all gorgeous.

Today's one is from the Aquarium Nail Effects aka here's-some-fabulous-duochrome-polishes-for-you collection :)

Barry M Persian Aquarium Nail Effects Swatch and Review

Oh all hail gorgeous polishes!<3

Barry M Persian Aquarium Nail Effects Swatch and Review

Barry M Persian is a purple and gold two-tone nail polish (aka duochrome) and it finishes with a beautiful glossy/shiny look - no topcoat used in these photos.
I applied two coats nicely and smoothly, despite even the more-on-the-thinner-side-than-what-I'm-used-to brush. It's perfect, really!

macro Barry M Persian Aquarium Nail Effects

And because the previous photos don't show the beautiful two tones you get with this one, here's a macro shot to assure you they're there :)

I love duo-/multichromed polishes - it's like wearing magic on your nails!
Do you think so too? And have you tried any of the polishes from this Barry M collection? 

Let me know about it down below and I'll be seeing you very soon, with a stamping nail art coming up later today ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Thank you so much, dear.

  2. Thank you, Lisa! :)

  3. Awww, sweetie, you always come up with the nicest things! Thank you, it's much appreciated!

  4. I'm not a really big fan of duochromes (I know, it sounds strange... but they just don't look good on my nails... or that's just what I think...), but this one is gorgeous! :-)


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