Monday, January 19, 2015

A2Z - I is for Inspired: Cute Lightbulb Nails

Catching up can be tough when:
(a) life keeps getting in the way - life was particularly good at that this Sunday - and 
(b) you're crazy enough to be juggling more than one nail art challenge at once - yes, I should've known better.

Yours truly is two weeks behind this nail art challenge, but we're setting it right tonight!

Here are my nails for 'Inspired':

Cute Lightbulb Nails

Because we're nothing without ideas ;)
And I'll confess this was one prompt that took me a while to figure out! Phew!

Inocos Nude Disse Ela

I painted my nail two coats of this lovely nude polish - Inocos Nude Disse Ela - and sponged it with a little chrome acrylic paint for a more texture like background.

Cute Lightbulb Nails

Then, with some acrylic paint and a ton of patience (seriously, @cottonconey, how do you do it, girl!?), I freehanded this let's-get-creative-lightbulb pattern and mattified the whole look, 'cause, how could I not? ;)

What do you think? Does this one fit the theme?

P.S.. if you don't know who @cottonconey is, you're seriously missing out - Katharina is, for me, the Queen of Pattern Nails: this girl is awe-mazing and truly inspiring; you have to check her out!

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. The Nail Smith (Millie)20/01/2015, 00:43

    This is SUPER cute and a great interpretation of the prompt. LOVE IT!

  2. Oh my gosh, these came out awesome!

  3. These are amazing!! Wow, I love this!

  4. Such a cute idea!)) I think this mani fits the theme very well. How long did it take you to paint all nails?))

  5. So pretty and cute!

  6. Thank you, John! :)

  7. Ufff, this one was probably aroung 1h15min lol
    But it was worth it - they were the cutest to wear ;)

  8. Thank you so much, dear!! **

  9. Thank you so much, lovely!! <3

  10. Thank you, Lisa!

  11. Thank youuuu :)


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