Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sinful Colors, Granado and More With A Vernizaria

So... I'm in love :)

I recently discovered a new haven that is heavenly: A Vernizaria is right in the middle of Lisbon and it harbors some nail polish brands I never got my hands on before because they simply aren't available in Portugal (well, they are, but the prices are ridiculous, really).

So... I'm showing you my first ever Sinful Colors nail polish:

swatch sinful colors cinderella

This is Sinful Colors Cinderella and it's a gorgeous frosty baby blue, with duochrome shimmer in baby pink and gold.
It's such a beauty I didn't even mind it being a three coater haha :)

A Vernizaria has such nice beauties for your nail polish cravings: they've got polishes from Sinful Colours to Essie and Ruby Wings, from Zoya to OPI to P2 (yassssss), from China Glaze to Models Own, even Dior and Chanel, all the fabulous Brazilian brand names (Impala, Jade and more) and awesome indie brands, too - by Dany Vianna and BBF.

And honestly, Karla is one of the nicest in the business, she loves what she does and she has great eye for awesome nail polishes haha ;)

A Vernizaria is located on a really fancy health and spa club, so you're granted VIP treatment, which reminds me of something nice for all you Portuguese ladies in need of some pampering (sorry to everyone outside Portugal) - I'll confess I already purchased one of these for my Mum ;)

cera cutículas Granado

And can I just add how obssessed I'm becoming over this brand, which I had never even heard about before (talk about sin!).
This is a cuticle wax kind of product and it smells di-vi-ne! The brand's products are also available there and I strongly recommend - your nail and hands will smell awesome and feel awesome!
Plus, this is pocket size, so it's all woman's best friend hehe - get that in your bag, girl ;)

If you liked what you saw and it tickled your fancy, make sure you pay a visit to A Vernizaria over in Club VII, in Parque Eduardo VII - ladies from out Portugal's borders, do pay them a visit if ever you stop by on holidays ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Cinderella is one of the colors I've been wanting from Sinful Colors. Its gorgeous!

  2. What a name! Cinderella! It's made just for your left hand :))

  3. What a beautiful polish! Congratulations on finally being able to find Sinful Colors locally - I had the same problem in Holland. I love this shade, its so beautiful and exactly the same kind of shade I would have had to of grabbed :) The duo chrome shimmer is gorgeous! xx

  4. What a lovely polish # such a delicate blue!

  5. It is to die for, John! Love it! :)

  6. Hey, sweetie! I'm extatic, now that I know where to find such beauties heheh :)
    And I couldn't resist this polish once I saw it - glad you also liked it!

  7. Indeed! Gotta use it on my Cindy soon ;)

  8. Hope you get it soon, dear - you'll love it! :D


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