Saturday, December 27, 2014

New Years - #WNAC2014

To end this month's and this year's WNAC2014 (getting all emotional already? haha) , I bring you something simple and sweet:

happy new year nails

The prompt to today's nails was New Years and I couldn't let the moment pass without wishing you a fabulously happy new year, 'cause you all added an extra sparkle of amazing to my 2014 - thank you for being on the other side of the conversation, of my ramblings and nails shenanigans :)

p2 sand style precious

I chose quite the beautifulest and sparkliest nail polish: P2 Sand Style Precious - a lovely texture like polish, that covers beautifully in 1/2 coats (depending whether your nails are short or long).

happy new year nails

I then wrote my wish to you in black acrylic paint and added a heart for love and a star to light your way through 2015.

I hope you continue this nails journey with me during the upcoming year and I hope we get even more fun out of it, 'cause that's what this is all about :)

I'll talk to you before the year ends anyway, so, fear not: this is not yet this year's last post ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. These are cute New Years nails! I like the gold texture.

  2. That is so lovely!!

  3. Thank you, you're so kind, John :)

  4. Thanks, hun!
    Gold + texture = perfection ;)


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