Friday, November 07, 2014

WNAC November 2014: Abstract

Yes, you read that right, it's another nail art challenge!
I feel like my mind's been numb of ideas and imagination these last couple days and nail art challenges are perfect to spice things up and make you test your limits :)

This one was created by @missbellatracey , @simplynailogical and @kgrdnr and the theme for this month is metallic, with several different prompts for each of this month's Fridays.

abstract metallic nails

This is my design for abstract metallic nails.

Abstract nails

I started by painting all my nails white, using Inocos Pico, and by making up some abstract design, which I've freehanded with acrylic paint and my detail nail art brush.

Abstract Nails for #WNAC2014

To add the metallic twist to it, I then went over some of the black lines and shapes with a metallic polish: Leticia Well Metallic Matte No.15.
And I'm glad I added the shiny topcoat, 'cause it really made the design come to life (sometimes matte isn't the best choice afterall).

And that's it! I hope you've enjoyed this design, despite the late post, and I'll be seeing you very soon.
Meanwhile, enjoy your weekend, lovelies <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. These are awesome! Love the addition of the metallic polish to the design.

  2. Wow, these are so detailed! Very interesting design and great job. :)

  3. They are simply stunning darling!


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