Saturday, November 01, 2014

Stamping, A Whole New Adventure - Born Pretty Store Review

I think one of the things I enjoy about nail art is how diverse it is. There's so many techniques and ways to spice up your nail looks, it's quite exciting, really! 

Stamping has always  been my Achiles tendon, so ...

... when I got these nail art products from Born Pretty Store I knew the time had come to try again and dive into the stamping world :)
The cute pink nail art stamping plate holder fits both round and hexagon plates.
You can find the set here.

And the set comes with three scrapers and three stampers - a hard (green) and a squishy one (the white one, which also has a smaller hard pink stamper on the other side for tiny designs).
You can find the stamping plate (item number #15610) here.

And now for the nail art I created with it - there's two designs ahead, hope you'll like them :)

Nude stamping nails

Here's the first look, which also brings you my Cinderella Hand, looking sooo dapper :)
You might have already seen this look here, if you follow me on Instagram.

Nude nails

I started with two coats of Inocos Bola de Pêlo, a lovely nude with a hint of a golden shimmer (which my naughty camera couldn't capture).

stamping nails

I then went for the diagonal lines pattern and stamped using Kiko Magnetic Deep Green (No.706).
Although some of the lines came out squiggly, I love that I managed the whole image on all the nails, without any bald patches :))


Tartan glitter nails

... here's my favourite look :)

Tartan stamping nails

This is two coats of Anny Absolutely Fuchsia (one of my all time favourite polishes from the brand).

Glitter stamping nails

I stamped using Inglot No.692 and I'm so excited about all the nails looking awesome! :)

The scraper that worked best for me was the one to the left of the stamping plate (the stamping would transfer impecably) and I loooved the squishy stamper. Because my nails are the round type, it can transfer the whole image without (1) hurting my nail plate and (2) 'splitting' the image, leaving bald spots.

On the whole I'm quite happy and excited about such a successful experience - can't wait to stamp some more! :))
If you haven't given it a try yet, I do reccomend the set and I even have a 10% off code for you:

Wishing you an awesome Saturday night, lovelies <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Its awesome to see you stamp here! These were nice.

  2. Yay for stamping! It can get quite addicting once you get the hang of it! And it seems like you totally did, love that second look :)

  3. Your 'naughty camera' comment made me giggle ^^. I like the manicures and they look very neat! Bet we'll see more stamping from you. I think I have to get the squishy stamper as well because I also have very curved, round nails.


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