Monday, November 03, 2014

Cinderella's Daily Show: Negative Space Swirls

Let's start this week with something super cool: negative space.
Once can feel kind of torn apart between wearing negative space nail designs and letting everyone see the inevitable yellow nails effect any blogger suffers from or not wearing it and gawking at it on everyone else's nails.

The moment these started to be all the rage, I had no doubt which would be my side of the battle: bring it on!
Negative space nails are of the funkiest, sleekest, most awesome 'techniques' in the nail world. 

Who cares if my nails aren't pearly snow white?
I still love how they scream 'amazing' when wearing such designs - have a look:

negative space skittlete nails

Yasssss :)
I love everything about this look, from its simplicity, to its elegance and its 'yeah-this-is-nail-art-on-my-Cinderella-Hand' kind of victory dance :)

Negative Space Nails

I recently got a sheet of nail stickers (I've been all about pampering my right hand lately and such 'tricks' come in handy), featuring these super awesome swirls in a clear base and I was itching to wear them.

Negative Space Swirls Nails

I went for a skittlete type of mani and painted my index black (Inglot O2M No.692) and my pinkie and thumb a texturized silve beauty (Kinetics Bali Escape). The stickers applied beautifully, I just add to cut them the size of my nails and stick them on :)

What do you think? Are you a fan of such easy tricks to help you rock some nail art on your non-dominant hand? Let me know in the comments and have yourselves a cosy evening.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. The swirly design looks so cool!

  2. Really awesome look! I always have an inner battle when it comes to negative space nail art - show my yellow nails or not. I usually end up deciding not to :-P lol

  3. Great look! I really love negative space designs, too!!

  4. what a cool idea love these stickers

  5. The swirls are mesmerizing, love the effect of it.


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