Thursday, November 20, 2014

A2Z - D is for Dark

I wanted to do something that spoke to me for today's challenge theme.

I'm not one to be afraid of the dark really, but there's something that unsettles me some.

dark nails

I live in a really calm neighbourhood and at night when you have to get to the bus stop, do you know how street lamps sometimes flicker?
Yeah... that feeling - that's what I went for with today's nails.

dark night nails

I started by painting all my nails black as the blackest of nights - Inglot O2M No.692 helped me with that.

dark night nails for A2Z nail art challenge

Then with some acrylic paint and a nail art brush, I painted some street lamps in perspective and surrounded them with that foggy white-ish light they give off.

dark night nails for A2Z nail art challenge

I'm not sure which version I prefer: shiny or matte.
Can you help me with that? Which one's your favourite?

Also, don't forget to check all the awesome ladies taking part in this challenge (go here).

Hugs & Kissies,

Mina *


  1. Love the ghostly effect on the nails.

  2. Hahahahah, that mani is scarier than any of the Halloween nails I saw! I like gloss so I did like that one but the matte lets you see the light design better. Every scary movie I've ever seen teaches you to run when the lights start flickering!

  3. Love your interpretation of dark theme: it's so scary! I like both versions but I think the shiny one is better to represent the depth of the night.

  4. Thank you so, so much, lovely! I'm glad you like it also - I think I know what you mean; the matte version looks a bit too foggy, no?

  5. Awww, thank you so much for such an awesome compliment, hun! :)
    And you're right, if you ain't moving by the time they flicker, you better look to see who's or, even worse, what's behind you heheh ;)

  6. Thank you so much, sweetie! I couldn't decide which looked better, really - they offer two different versions, I guess ;)
    Thanks for stopping by <3

  7. Hi, sweetie!!! Thank you for your words - I know what you mean, the shiny version makes it look like there's a big black unknown heheh
    The matte one is maybe more misterious than scary? Maybe? ;)

  8. Thanks, honey, that's exactly what I was going for - glad you liked it :*

  9. Yes, it does but it's cool. ;-)


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