Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fancy Autumn Ombre Nails with Inocos

I figured I'd do something nice and elegant, quite proper and lady like.
It can't all be about cute nails, right? ;)
Diversity is awesome!

Fancy Autumn Ombre Nails

These colours  by Inocos are absolutely gorgeous and quite the fashion hit this season, trust me ;)

Autumn Ombre Nails

I've finally been able to have polishes all in the same colour, following different shades, to pull off this cool ombre effect :)

Raspberry Ombre Nails

The polishes themselves cover the nail beautifully. The very first coat already gives you an opaque finish, although if you have long nails such as myself, you'll see some thinner areas.
To avoid those, simply apply a second coat, which will have your nails look this amazing!

Ombre Nails with studs

Since I felt there was something missing, I added some reactangular golden studs and I couldn't be more thrilled about these beauties <3

Hope you've liked them as much as well and let me know if you're, too, starting to long for fall colours on your nails ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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  1. Those are some great colors! I like that there's lighter and darker shades. The studs are a nice touch too.


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