Wednesday, September 03, 2014

31DC2014 - Day 3: Yellow Nails

It's Day 3 and I'm still here!! Not only that, but I also managed to match my nails and my outfit today - fancy, fancy! :)

Today's nails are quite simple because last night all I needed was my bed and the calling was too strong to ignore (huge headache also got in the way of something more awesome).

So, here's my simple take on Yellow Nails:

31DC2014 yellow nails

Mustard yellow is fashionable this season apparently and lucky for me (quite the non-fashionable human being), I actually kinda like the colour :)

31DC2014 yellow nails with black dry brush strokes

Despite the simplicity of these nails, they got quite the thumbs up from everyone I met today - maybe being matchy-matchy isn't so bad at all ;)

31DC2014 yellow nails with studs

I started by applying my two coats of my base coat - I was going for a negative space look but wanted 'sturdy', long-lasting nails nonetheless.

31DC2014 yellow nails matching my outfit

With the help of some striping tape I then applied Coral Neon No.604, which, luckily for me and today's look, has 'oxydized' - is that even possible to happen to nail polish?... maybe I shouldn't wear it... - and isn't neon anymore.

31DC2014 studs and yellow nails

I applied Inglot O2M No.692, using the dry brush technique, and added some bronze looking studs for a fancy final touch.

Do you also like to match your nails to your daily outfits? Let me know if you've enjoyed these, simple as they are, and if mustard yellow is a yay or nay for you this season ;)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

Last Year's Yellow Nails:


  1. Nice yellow nails! I like the negative space on the top.

  2. Being "matchy-matchy" is always great!)) Nails can wonderfully complete any look. And I think this color looks pretty on you! Beautiful mani!


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