Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'll Have Some Icecream... And A Donut... And...

... you might as well bring some cupcakes, some pie and a lollipop to wash it all down! :)
Don't give me that look - don't you get crazy cravings at times? Mmmmm... I'm having a Homer Simpson moment with myself hahah

Moving on: we all know sweets are delicious and brilliant in their sweet gloriousness but they're also not healthy. So what to do?

I've got the perfect solution and one your doctor and your gym teacher will love and support, too ;)

icecream and donuts nails

Are these the best nails in the world or what? hehehe
Nail art, contributing to make a healthier human being out of you ;)

candy nails

It all started when I found this oh-so-adorable lollipop charm - perfection!!!!
I knew then and there I had to have a whole candy sweet mani to go with it ;)

I love candy nails

And so I did - I left out my biggest sweet sin: jelly beans (any kind of gummi thingies really), but I painted almost all of my favourite:
Icecream - there's no such thing as too much icecream - although I never eat the cone (I'm a cup sort of girl)
Donut - don't even get me started... whoever invented these should win a Nobel; wars can be avoided with these little things
Cupcake - velvet come to meeee

yummy nails

I tried drawing a slice of pie on my thumb but it's the one design I'm less pleased about so let's erase our minds about me ever showing it to you, alright? ;)

kawaii cute candy nails

I was almost forgetting to tell you how cute and special the background polish is!! :)
It's pink! Yay! It's got golden shimmer! Double yay!!
And I've got no other to thank for it than my sweet, sweet friend @paulinaspassions - thanks, luv ❤

lollipop and cupcake nails

Let me tell you while these might not have been 100% effective keeping me away from sweets (no one in their right mind will say no to a petit gateaux with strawberry cheesecake icecream on top), they sure were fun to wear and made so many people smile today (yes, that includes complete stangers, as well).

I hope it does the same to you and here's some

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina  *


  1. Those treats are all so adorable!

    1. Thank you so much, sweetie! Happy that you liked them! :)


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