Friday, August 15, 2014

Ahoy, Sailor! With Inocos

You know Summer isn't complete until you treat your nails to a sailor manicure and today's look with Inoeh Care is all about that! :)

What do you think?
Wouldn't you feel grand wearing these on a sail boat, during the weekend? ;)

I'm specially proud of today's manicure, because I nailed it using nail polish only!
I figured, since I chose such a simple design, I'd be able to pull it off.

sailor nails with stripes an anchor and some rope

And I'm happy and proud to say I totally did!
Don't the llines on the design look great, considering it's all nail polish!? :)
I must've been feeling adventurous, for sure haha

I started by painting all my nails two coats of white, using Inocos Pico.
After that dried, I (patiently) placed some striping tape on my middle and ring fingers to make for the oh, so know sailor stripes.

sailor nails with stripes an anchor and some rope

I've used Inocos Azulejo and Inocos Alcoa for that and they were perfect, 'cause both cover in just one coat (you don't want to choose 2/3 coaters for tape manis, believe me ;)).

sailor nails with stripes an anchor and some rope

After the hardest part was done (tape manicures can really get on my nerves), I went forward with my all-nail-polish mani and mixed a tiny drop of black (Inocos 0% Efeitos Preto) with my white polish to make the metallic-y anchor.
I outlined that and even gave it some highlights - getting pro at it hahah

sailor nails with stripes an anchor and some rope

To finish it all, I mixed some of the beautiful nude Inocos Ternura with the tiniest bit of white to make it slightly lighter and drew so squiggly lines on my pinkie and through the anchor to make for the sailor's rope.
I outlined it too though it was only halfway that I figured how ropes are supposed to look like haha
(If you see the beginning of the rope on my index finger, you'll see the rope looks somewhat 'different' hehe)

And that's it, lovelies! I sure hope this one inspires you to try a cool Summer look for this weekend and I wish you have tons of fun, be it on board a sail boat, at the beach or just chillin' in your favourite spot.

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *

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