Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One-Stroke Fake Orchids

First off, let me tell you this post just proves my talent has a limit hahaha ;)

Introducing Bellaoggi Gel Effect Keratin Radiant Orchid to you.
The perfect vibrant orchid shade. _Great in one coat. Flawless in two.
Fast drying time. Shine of its own - no topcoat was used during the making of this swatch, as per usual :)

With such a beautiful shade and such a spot on name what else would I want for nail art but orchids?

Unfortunately, everytime I tried painting orchids, I'd end up angry at my brushes. 
As my talent only goes so far, I faked some one-stroke fake orchids instead and that's that :)

I tried to paint some one-stroke leaves as well but totally failed at that also and added some neon pink studs instead.

Even if these aren't orchids, I still like them because as one-stroke fake orchids they look great! :)

And this is the way it goes with the learning process: sometimes you win and sometimes your only get so far.
But I'm on a good mood today, these look classy and elegant and I refuse to call this a fail ;) 
Let me know what you think of that in the comments, will you?

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. They still look nice! I like it it a lot.

    1. Thank you - happy you like them even if they're not real orchids hehe ;)

  2. Pretty nail art, love ur nail polish and ur design. Congrats

  3. I never tried one-stroke designs and reading about your struggles every time you do them makes me feel a fright about this method ))) But as you said, your flowers look great nevertheless!

    1. I think my problem may be the brushes I'm wearing, hun! :/
      I need to invest in (1)some really good quality brushes and (2)some really opaque acrylic paints
      Please try it out, seriously - you know me: I'm so perfectionist I like to whine ;)

  4. Well I think it's lovely! the flowers look great and the background colour is to die for :)

    1. And well, I think you're the nicest! ;)
      Thank you so much, sweetie :))

  5. I can't take my eyes off that stunningly gorgeous base color! I am in a particularly minimalistic mood and this polish is so beautiful that, for me, I would not want even the most "well done" nail art on it!

    Your orchids are wonderful - I see them as impressionistic. I hope you are able to get the brushes you want to further your art. I know having the correct tools makes learning something much better!


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