Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bestie Twin Mani with @ruby_yenoanh

A very happy helloooooo to all of you! :)
I bring you yet another Bestie Twin Mani, this time an invitation by the lovely @ruby_yenoanh.

And it's a very happy hello because I think we both did fabulously and our designs look awesome (oh-so-modest-me! ;))

And look at that!
We even matched hand poses! hahah ;)
I'm glad Ruby chose my most loved sunset mountain trees and, after long deliberations, I could have chose no other than her happy bright floral & stripes yellow mani (wow, quite a long description going on there ;))

This is a recreation of Ruby's beautiful design (check it here).
You know what attracted me, right? All the bright, bold colours and the different designs!
So many skills in just one mani! :)

I'm a tad sad the topcoat smudged my lines but hopefully you can't see much of it, just a bit.
My favourite nails to paint where the ring finger one - look at the pretty stripey flower :)

The rose on my thumb.
Just perfect! Love it so much! :)

And I was almost forgeting the obvious: I wore Essence Colour & Go Wanna Be Your Sunshine for my base colour - gorgeous and vibrant!

I hope you've liked this collab and if you're on Instagram don't forget to show Ruby some love - this is her profile :)

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Awesome manicure! It looks so colorful and fun.

  2. LOL - well, this mani sure did kick me out of my quiet minimalistic mood! I laid eyes on it and just grinned! Lemon yellow is my favorite color and this Essence one is fantastic. How can you look at that polish and NOT want to dance in the street! I love all the different designs but your index (pointer) finger is my favorite. All those bright festive bits and pieces!

    1. Awww :) happy I boosted your mood, sweetie! :)
      As usual, your comments have the same effect on me - thank you for always taking the time to leave me such kind words :D
      And yes to yellow!! hehehe - glad you liked itm, hun

    What a great twin mani you girls pulled up!
    I love how bright and happy this looks. My favourite ones are the same as yours. You totally nailed that rose on the thumb. Gotta try this rose one of these days!
    Have a great weekend sweetie! :*

    1. Thank you so much, Gio :D
      Would love to see that rose on your gorgeous nails :))

  4. Replies
    1. Glad you liked them both, sweetie :D


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