Monday, June 02, 2014

The Swatch Game: Missp Miss Love

If there's one thing I'm glad blogging has taught me, that thing is preparation.
I'm usually one to work wonderfully under pressure, but (and if you're a blogger you'll find out about this sooner or later) there's just some sort of organization and preparation you can't help but have when you're blogging.

And this is one of those occasions when I'm glad I did make use of those. 

Today I'd like to show you another gorgeous crème Missp polish I had the pleasure to review before my nail suffered tragedy ;)

Introducing Missp Miss Love.
You're probably looking at it and thinking: 'Oh, it's just another pink polish'.
But... look again... doesn't it get more and more beautiful the more you look at it?

It's just that perfect pink bubblegum shade! The shine you see belongs entirely to the polish - no top coat was used.
And this beauty covers to perfection with two very thin coats! 
If your nails are shorter than this, one coat will be enough - who doesn't love a one coater, right? ;)

With such a cutsie colour and such an adorable name, of course I had to go for some love nail art as well ;)
And because love comes in so many different dimensions, I had to use many colours to represent it well :)

I couldn't resist adding a flirty bit of lace to the outline - flirting is the very beginning of loving and one must keep the sparks and flames alive!!!

To finish let us outline the happy, colourful French tip for a more defined finish.
And, yes, I do know, my ring finger French tip is totally wonky and not straight, but, hey, some love cases are like that as well ;)

Hope you've enjoyed this one, lovelies. 
Sorry for posting this late but it was only today that I had some time to do things that needed doing and you won't believe the amount of laundry I had in stock hehe ;)

Wishing you a fantastic week <3

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for your sweet comment, Lisa :)

  2. This pink polish is lovely! It seems to have an underlying slight tone of orchid in it, which just adds to its appeal for me. The added nail art is delightful!

    It is always a wonder to me that you nail bloggers don't just 'burn out' within half a year! I, for one, realize that you all are real people - you have jobs, outside activities, families, friends, other interests, etc., in your life. And particularly for a nail blogger, there are nail breaks and injuries. I so enjoy reading your nail blogs that I hope blogging is always a joy to you, that it never becomes another chore in your day you feel you have to do. When/If it does, it's time for a vacation or a break from it! Everyone needs one sooner or later. And the beginning of Summer (at least in the northern hemisphere) is a perfect time for it!

    1. Awww, sweetie! Again, thank you! ;)
      These two-week vacations were just what I needed and I am much rested now, finally :)
      Thank you for making me feel awesome about sharing this incredible hobby/passion with you all **


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