Sunday, June 15, 2014

Flowers! - Part 2 (BornPrettyStore Review)

Aaaaaannnnnd here's Part 2 of today's double post.

I loved the flower waterdecals I received from Born Pretty Store so much, I just had to try a different look with them.

For the second first look I went with a softer, very lady like polish:

First of all, can I just say how unlikely it is for me to wear such a shade?
It's not that I don't like it, it's actually that my nails are usually too stained for me to wear such a delicate polish.

So I guess there's a good thing about breaking your nails, after all, hey?! ;)
My nails stain is not as noticeable now, which is why I managed to wear this cutie with just two coats. 

I also dried kind of fast (ca. 7-10min) and I then applied the same waterdecals in the same pattern/design so you could see how gorgeous they look both ways.

You already know these are item #10824 and you can get them here - there's both silver and gold versions of the same design.
Don't forget you get 10% off your total purchase with the code below:

And now for the final verdict - which is your favourite? 
The bolder, brighter version? Or this delicate, feminine one?
Can't wait to read your comments! :))

Hugs & Kissies,
Mina *


  1. So pretty! I just love it.

  2. Both looks are gorgeous! But I have to say I prefer this more delicate one.
    Você já fez a misturinha de suco de limão com água morna e uma colherzinha de bicarbonato de sódio? Basta deixar as unhas uns 10 minutos de molho nessa misturinha e depois escovar com pasta de dentes. Limpa o amarelado que é uma maravilha!

    Big kiss and a wonderful week to you! :*
    GioNails | Facebook::Gio_Nails

    1. Thank you, lovely! :)
      E tenho de ir comprar bicabornato! As unhas não ficam mais frágeis? Vou experimentar, sim! Obrigada pela dica :)
      Have a wonderful week yourself, hun *

  3. This mani is so sweet! I like the individual flowers.They seem to fit the nail well. Thanks for showing these!

    1. You're quite welcome dear - happy you liked it :D


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